About us

Weddings by Nexa
We are a team of energetic, dynamic and curious women, a compact group with a natural predisposition for organization, tried and tested over the years.

At the heart of our team lies a passion for the philosophy of relationships, and the desire to communicate emotion and translate the wishes of our clients into memorable occasions.

So, after over 30 years of experience as event organizers, we could not overlook the quintessential relationship, marriage, and what is the event par excellence, celebrating that culminating moment in unique and unforgettable weddings.

In recent years, we have received increasingly frequent requests and, to showcase the magic of the event, we have decided to dedicate ourselves "heart and soul" to the organization of weddings.

Venice is a magic city, and a Venetian wedding is the most precious gift a couple can give each other.

There are a thousand reasons for getting married in this city of dreams - its romance, timeless beauty, unique views, art and history, all conjure a fairy tale with a happy-everafter. And the right wedding organizers with great expertise and the key to all the secrets of Venice can help you achieve what your heart desires.
So, why choose Weddings by Nexa for the organization of your wedding?
Our team is part of the large family of Nexa Event&Travel Designers, a leading company in Venice in the organisation of high-profile events for top international clients. We put all the know-how we have acquired over the years - our experience, our in-depth knowledge of the city, our network of trade relationships, our specialised human resources and top-class suppliers – at the service of our brides and grooms, tailoring each wedding to their wishes with passion and creativity and, at times, turning the impossible into possible, as witnessed by the many clients who continue to reaffirm their trust in Nexa.

So we are ready to listen, advise and suggest, so that your dream can come true. We organize services that can guarantee the promised results; back office preparation, logistics organization, fairytale settings and beauty in every detail.

Drawing on our thirty years' experience across a wide range of high-profile events as well as our unwavering customer focus, dedication, and attention to detail, we offer a wide range of services that, together with our expert local knowledge, will ensure your wedding is impeccably organized and seamlessly orchestrated.

Your wedded bliss begins in Venice. We make it happen!