Drawing on our thirty years' experience across a wide range of high-profile events as well as our unwavering customer focus, dedication, and attention to detail, we offer a wide range of services that, together with our expert local knowledge, will ensure your wedding is impeccably organized and seamlessly orchestrated.
We work together with a network of trusted expert vendors that support us in our vision and help us deliver truly memorable occasions and experiences.

We will take care of everything, so all you have to do is say I WILL!!!
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Tailor-made Weddings
Our weddings stem from our passion for bespoke solutions and made to measure events, down to the smallest detail. A wedding is the quintessential event and requires maximum customization of every aspect to achieve the perfect balance of uniqueness and sophistication. We like the idea of figuratively walking you down the aisle, putting all our enthusiasm, experience and creativity at work to help you create the perfect wedding day. All this enables us to give you unforgettable emotions and tell your love story in a thousand different shades. Just like in a dream.
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Wedding design
A wedding is a private, one-of-its kind event, and as such, it must be planned and coordinated in every detail so that it runs smoothly and flawlessly from the organizational point of view as well in matters of style. And highlighting your own style is where all our creativity comes into play.
As a design studio, we start from your requests and create each single element of an overall wedding experience that will be yours and yours alone: from the planning stage to the venue decor and the floral design, following the guiding thread that will identify it and make it magical, unique and unforgettable.
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The right venue is essential in the organization of a wedding where the theatrical and emotional impact is an absolute must.
The network of relationships acquired in the city over the years gives us the privilege of choosing from amongst the most outstanding and unconventional venues that we can then customize according to the requests and wishes of the bride and bridegroom.
Beautiful centuries-old cathedrals, sumptuous palaces on the Grand Canal, evocative secret gardens, boutique hotels, private villas and prestigious museums provide stunning yet secluded venues where to celebrate your very special day in the most intimate surroundings, and give your guests the thrill of an authentic experience.
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The perfect ceremony
This is the most exciting and intense moment of the day.
Following the wishesideal location to ensure that your wedding day is the most memorable.
After all, Venice, which has always been a crossroads of cultures, is rich in churches (here most religions have their own place of worship!), palaces and palatial residences that can make every ceremony special.
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The reception
The reception is the crucial moment of the wedding, where spectacular effects and creativity come to life in a dazzling extravaganza.
And there are a thousand moments that must be planned, prepared, organized and coordinated in detail so that the party may run smoothly and be fun, bubbly and memorable for everyone!
From the interpretation of the spaces with set designs created for the occasion, the choice of the caterer and chef who will create your menus, the wedding cake, all the way to the music to set the perfect mood and make a memorable occasion for the bride and groom, guests and friends.
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The Bride and the Groom
They are the absolute protagonists and our goal is to ensure they have center stage position. The bride is the focus of our undivided attention. Our goal will be to create an impeccably polished look because each woman is a story unto herself. To the bridegroom we offer the expert advice of our style guru, who will help him choose the perfect made to measure suit, in the best Made in Italy fashion. AII this, and much more, created to enhance their personality and style.
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The Guests
Relatives and friends from all over the world come together to celebrate your most important day. They deserve a perfect welcome: we will take care of everything, from planning their trip, booking the hotels selected for the event, organizing the luxury transfers, up to the selection of lifestyle programs to be enjoyed in the days immediately preceding or following the day when you will tie the knot.
We are committed the highest level of hospitality and comfort to pamper those who want to share this amazing moment with you and leave them with lasting emotions.
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Not just Weddings
Love has no boundaries and always deserves to be honoured in a unique and special way! Drawing on our thirty years' experience across a wide range of high-profile events, Weddings by Nexa will create for you special events, marriage proposals, vows renewal ceremonies, couple photo sessions, and very romantic weekends. Everything will be designed to celebrate your love in Venice, the most beautiful and romantic city in the world!
Our Services
Marriage Proposal and Anniversary / Venue Finding / Breathtaking Design / Scenographic Lighting / Catering / Flowers and Installation / Headline Entertainment / Photography and Videography / Bridal Fashion / Hair and Make-Up / Children’s Entertainment / Original Gifting / Invitations and Stationary / Logistics / Accommodation / Lifestyle programs

Your wedded bliss begins in Venice. We make it happen!